Life Insurance

Life insurance gives you peace of mind knowing you have protected your loved ones.

Life Insurance

In the event of your passing, Life Insurance provides money directly to your beneficiaries. They can use the money for whatever they deem necessary, such as:

bullet Making up for your lost income.

bullet Funding your children's education.

bullet Paying off household debt.

bullet Paying for your funeral and other related expenses.

In addition, permanent life insurance offers a cash value component which can be put to good use during your lifetime.

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Term Life  

Term Life features temporary, cost-effective coverage with the ability to change with your needs and the flexibility to change your policy when your needs turn into permanent goals.

Term life also provides:

bullet An affordable way to get maximum coverage.

bullet Coverage for specific financial responsibilities like a mortgage or college expenses.

bullet A supplement for your Permanent Life Insurance during periods when coverage needs are higher, like when you are raising a family or paying a mortgage.

Some things you should consider

about Term Life:

bullet There is NO cash value accumulation.

bullet Continuing your coverage after the initial level premium-paying term expires can be very expensive.

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Whole Life

Whole life is a permanent policy that provides a fixed premium as well as guarantees your death benefit and a cash value account.

Most whole life policies also provide dividends (which are not guaranteed) or an interest account that is tied to a variety of crediting indexes.

Premiums are generally payable for the life of the contract.

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Universal Life

Universal Life is a form of permanent life insurance which provides affordable guaranteed protection and flexibility.

With the flexibility that a Universal Life insurance policy allows, you can change (within some limitations) the death benefit and the timing and amount of your premium. You can also build your policy's cash value or pay a lower premium, focusing more on guaranteed protection.

Universal Life can be right

for you if you want:

bullet The protection which can last a lifetime

bullet The flexibility to choose between two  policy designs:

bullet Protection plus cash accumulation

Or it can help you focus on affordable guaranteed protection with an option for a lifetime of guaranteed monthly income for your beneficiaries.

Some things to consider about

Universal Life:


bullet Cash value growth is based on periodically-declared fixed interest rates. Should rates fall, cash accumulation could suffer and higher premiums may be needed.

bullet Changing your policy's performance and guarantees can require higher premiums later.

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Tired of watching your savings move up and down as the market changes? Worried that your nest egg will not be enough to allow you to retire when you want?

Then consider these benefits of an

Equity Indexed Annuity:

bullet Safety of premium - Your account can never be below what you deposit if held to maturity.

bullet All market gains are locked in. Any market losses are not taken back.

bullet All gains are tax deferred - as opposed to CDs and other investments which are taxed as earned.

bullet 10% annual withdrawal feature for liquidity.

bullet Annuities are not subject to Probate.

bullet Can provide income for life.

bullet Provides riders which will allow you to access funds to pay for Nursing Home / Confinement charges.

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Survivorship Life

Survivorship Life Insurance is a policy that insures two people simultaneously.

This type of insurance is handy to offset large estate tax issues or business buy-sell agreements.

Most policies pay the death benefit when the second person dies but some pay on the first death.

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Review our life insurance options on this page to determine which policy fits your needs.  If you are bewildered by the different policy types we can help you sort that out.  Click the More Info button below to be directed to our Contact page so we can guide you to the correct policy.

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